Worst Epidemics Trail Running Team


Is there any relation between the fight against epidemics and running? Of course we can find it in chronicles where authors, describing the uneven fight against Black Death, often indicated one and sometimes the only remedy for the plague. This cure was neither the magical Venice Scabiosa nor Scabiosa of the impoverished which was the common name for garlic. It also was not the legendary vinegar of seven thieves. It was a repeated common phrase: mox cede (leave soon), longe recede (go far), tarde redi (return not early). Leaving quickly was advised throughout centuries by doctors empaneling Hippocrates and closely mimicking another father of medicine – Galen, who in 166 a.d. urgently left infected Rome.

One does not have to reach ancient times to give examples of epidemics. It is sufficient to recall the court doctor of Polish kings, the father of balneology Wojciech Oczko, who repeated, that “movement will substitute any kind of medicine, however no medicine will substitute movement”. What Oczko figure out intuitively modern science has carefully examined, and the results of these examinations make us realize, that mild oxidization stress leads to beneficial changes in gene expression. The need of movement has been “imprinted” in our genes.

Medics were not the only advocates of running. Quoting the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, that running is a useful metaphor, “it is about answering yourself to the question have I or haven’t I been better than yesterday. In long-distance running the only enemy, which one has to defeat is himself and whoever he was yesterday”

We can be grateful to Murakami for another aphorism “it is about making the happiness I feel at the end of each run remain to the next day. I use the same tactic when writing. Each day I finish at a place where I know I couldn’t write any more. Try that, and your work will be much easier the next day. […] In order to endure anything, one has to establish a rhythm”

What is the reason behind naming a team like that? The answer is simple – because it is intriguing. Finishing on Zugspitz Ultra Trail the speaker repeated many times “Maaaarrrrttin Jaaanik ultrarunner from Poland Worst Epidemics Team”. Let this be a justification.