About me

My name is Marcin Janik and I have a PhD at The Faculty of Law and Administration in University of Silesia in Katowice. I was born in the year MCMLXXV which enabled me to mention in my CV, that I lived at the turn of two millennia, two centuries and five decades.

Scientific interests

As the subject of my scientific journey, I chose the company of a rather suspicious behavior. In this pageant one can see such “stars” as Variola Vera and Yersinia pestis or Ebola. Keeping things up to par one cannot neglect Treponema pallidum, Marburg and SARS. The “list of acquaintances” would not be sufficient without the young and ambitious Machupo and Sin Nombre. Can you figure out my domain? Yes, contagious diseases, epidemics and more precisely – sanitary police.


Husband of Ewa, father of Marta, ultramarathon runner (completed the Salomon Zugspitz Ultra Trail Basetrail route, Chudy Wawrzyniec). Keen fan of off-road trips and works in my mountain patio.